Jill Randolph McAfee
About the Texas Artist
Texas Artist Draws a Crowd in Sarajevo, BiH

Jill Randolph McAfee is a native Texas artist     
who simply loves to paint.  Her works include        
portraits, still lifes and landscapes - outdoor &    
studio paintings.  She has a Bachelor of Arts & a
Master's degree in Education.
 For Jill, each
painting represents an opportunity to learn
and grow as an artist while sharing a special
moment in time with the viewer.  She particularly
enjoys portraying people, Children learning,
discovery of a new location, and still lifes that
tell a story.  

As a science instructor she taught students her
love of the outdoors, wildlife & science.  She has
studied with Dan Gerhartz, Carolyn Anderson,
George Hallmark,  Janice Yow Hindes, Scott
Burdick and Kevin Mcpherson.  

She served as the first President of the Palette of
Roses Art League helping to establish their new
charter and has been active in the Outdoor
Painters Society and the American Impressionist

Jill has painted overseas during an international
assignment with the International Criminal
Investigative Training Assistance Program in

Please contact her with any questions.